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RoJo Film Reviews

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Year:  2011
Country:  France
Director:  Maiwenn

Mini-synopsis:  A candid look into France's Child Protection Unit.

Ro: 3.5 Stars - Polisse focuses entirely on the people who make up the CPU and what their day to day lives are like on and off duty.  The audience goes into this world following a photographer, portrayed by Maiwenn herself.  The cases that they deal with on duty are the sorts of things most people generally try to block from thinking about because it's so heartbreaking and fundamentally wrong.  The direction spends a lot of time getting to know the officers.  We watch them chat about married life over coffee, interact with their own children, and see how they put everything else to the side when it comes time to protect a child and let him/her know that he's safe.  It's not the sort of movie anyone will ever want to watch twice, and there are many moments that could be shortened down; but overall, it's a very affecting film.

Joe: 2 Stars -  This was a somewhat difficult film to watch.  Based on actual case files, Polisse documents the day to day operations of the CPU (Child Protection Unit) in France.  This could have been much more challenging, but Maiwenn decided to document the offenses through dialog instead of reenactments.  The directing was very candid and unpolished, the acting was great, and the narrative was a bit scattered.  There was a random romance that was sprinkled into this film, which felt that it didn't quite belong.  Overall I didn't feel that the film had a clear vision or direction.  It basically felt like a documentary with some story thrown in for entertainment value.  Maybe I'm missing something, but I expected more. 

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