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RoJo Film Reviews

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Tucker & Dale vs. Evil

Year:  2010
Country:  Canada, USA
Director:  Eli Craig

Mini-Synopsis:  A pair of hillbillies struggle to enjoy fixing up their new vacation home when a group of college students get the wrong idea.

Ro:  3.5 Stars - In keeping with the October spirit we decided to give Tucker & Dale a watch, and came out satisfied.  This movie falls into the growing genre of ironic comedy/horror, with a natural parody twist.  The two leads, Alan Tudyk and Tyler Labine, are both delightful in their simple earnestness.  While the writing is funny and the story enjoyable, the weakness can be found in the directing.  Eli Craig still has the feel of a fairly new director that doesn't always execute jokes to their fullest.  I'd be willing to watch his follow up films, though, all that's needed is a bit more polish.  This is such a lighthearted horror that it's a very easy watch.

Joe: 3.5 Stars - Wow, what a fun movie to watch!  Tucker & Dale VS Evil was a fresh take on a stale genre: a group of college kids go to the woods where hillbillies try to kill them.  This flick, however, tells the story from the hillbillies' perspective; which is absolutely hilarious.  The acting from the two leads was surprisingly adequate; even though, the casting for the college kids could have been better.  I had very low expectations going into this film, so that might have enhanced my viewing pleasure.  Tucker & Dale is a fun horror-comedy that doesn't quite reach the level of masterpieces such as Shaun of the Dead, Slither, and Severance.  Still, it was tons of fun, and I do recommend it.  I suspect that my rating of this film will grow with each subsequent viewing.


  1. I agree on this. Horror doesn't do much for me as a genre, but I have liked several horror comedies and this is one of them. "Tell her you have a vaction home."

  2. I completely agree with what both of you had to say about this film. I heard a recommendation from a friend of mine that I work with at DISH about this movie being pretty funny, so I figured I'd give it a shot since this month is the perfect time for films like this. I went into it with low expectations as well, but am happy to say I really loved watching this movie. I rented it at first with my Blockbuster @Home package too, but because I liked it so much I made sure to add it to my DVD collection. I couldn’t control laughing out loud through all the “miscommunications” lol! It was great! :)